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Will Mespelt

Leading by Example. Bringing People to the Table.

Beyond the Mustache 

I grew up in a rural community in North Carolina with 3 siblings and I was very fortunate to have a large extended family close by.  This inspires me to want the best for my Portland family and friends.

I am a husband, a father of 2 boys, and have 2 rabbits.

I worked my way through college and graduated from North Carolina

State University with a degree in Public and Interpersonal Communication.

I have since lived my adult life here in N. Portland.  Since 2017, I have worked in property management in Portland and the surrounding area.  Since starting as a porter at a building I was also a renter at, I now have a property management license and started my own small business in the industry.  


On a daily basis I manage multi-million dollar assets with complex budgets and tight legal restrictions.  I am regularly a part of the lives and well being of hundreds of people everyday.  Having been a renter and a landlord gives me a unique perspective on housing issues and how to make renting more affordable and more effective for Portlanders.  I consider it a privilege to provide people with well maintained and happy homes!  I am never afraid to roll up my sleeves and finish what needs to get done for someone to love where they live.  I want everyone to love living in Portland!


Community Groups I enjoy being a part of include:

-St. Johns Hooligans

-Red Sea Community Church

-Portland Community Baseball Club.


What makes me tick?

Clearly, I am passionate about Portland and improving our city, but I must admit that drive comes mostly from people around me.  I want to see the best for our city for the sake of my family, friends, and faith community.  

I'm also a sucker for other things, too, including literature (Tolkien and CS Lewis), a good movie, cars,  philosophy (post modern), and stand up comedy (Norm Macdonald).

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