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Restoring Peace.  Uniting Neighbors.  Following Through.

  • Tenacity. 

   'Get it done' work ethic with fresh ideas

  • Honesty. 

​    Let yes mean yes

  • Focus.  

​    Bring solutions, not platitudes

  • Stewardship.  

​    Treating resources with respect

  • Empathy. 

​     Value each person no matter what

  • Authenticity.  

​     Being genuine without pretense

The'Get it Done' Guy

Snag a Comfy Shirt! 

Show your support.

Taking on the Big Challenges: 

Affordable Housing for Renters and Home Owners

Move People off the Streets and into Homes

Support Small Businesses




Crime Prevention.

Revitalize Public Transportation

Will, What can I do to help?


I can't afford to run on my own and community support is so appreciated.  Plus, with achieving 250 local donations of just $5-$20 the City of Portland will match them 9-1. Meaning $5 becomes $50 or $20 becomes $200.  Allowing a regular guy like me to have a fighting chance!

PS. You can also donate when you buy a shirt!

Meet your Neighbors.

Meeting neighbors is such an important step in living life to its fullest.  It can be daunting sometimes for sure, and I know I have room for improvement.  Start with just 1 if you have to, and then start meeting more.  Just one experience allows us to see the beauty in each person and learn their story.  


If you would like to help out on the campaign with your time and skills, I would love to have your help!  Right now it's just me, a regular person working to pay the bills. I need all the help I can get and I know my family would appreciate it!  A couple specific items to help would be hosting a house party, knocking on doors, or putting out a yard sign.


Seek Peace.

We have so much more in common than we have different from one another.  As we get to know our neighbors and people we  have conflict with more meaningfully, we realize that we often have the same loves, fears, desires, and problems.  When we know what makes each other tick, working together becomes so much easier!

Want to Volunteer?

1) I want to display a yard sign

2) I want to host a House Party 

3) I want to volunteer my time

4) I want to help another way

Please include details about how your skills could be utilized best!

Thanks for submitting!

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