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Policy & Vision

Restoring Portland into the prosperous city that we all desire starts with delivering much needed results.  Everyone will benefit from increased affordability, reducing homelessness, clean & safe streets, and accountable leadership if we take action now.

Let's work together to turn our vision into a Portland reality.

Affordable Housing For Portlanders

We will decrease housing costs for Portlanders by redefining ‘affordable housing’, ensuring transparent accountability in the management of public properties, and increasing the housing supply. The end result will be less homelessness, increased disposable income, and less crime.



Helps to prioritize in what order to address things in a list.


  1. Redefine ‘affordable housing’ so that it is truly affordable by the median Portland income. Currently ‘affordable housing’ requires at least 35% of the median Portland income, this needs to change.

  2. Introduce public, transparent accountability into management of public residential properties to maximize benefit, support, and meet a standard of excellence.

  3. Streamline permitting and zoning for new housing construction as recommended in 2023 & 2024.

  4. Decrease housing costs by City development of both affordable and conventional housing. 

  5. Increase housing supply and reduce sprawl by increasing urban core building height limits.

  6. Reduce transportation costs for Portlanders by building housing by MAX and bus lines.

  7. Introduce City funded down payment assistance and loan program.


People Living Indoors: No More Tents, Tarps, and RVs

We will operate an adequate number of safe day and night shelters staffed by the city allowing every person to have a clean place to stay.  Tent cities, broken down RVs, and open air chop shops will not be tolerated.


  • Day and Night shelters for all unsheltered people (over 5000) on our streets.

  • Accountability for drug use and addiction. No more open drug use and paraphernalia in our streets, see more below.

  • No more broken down RVs or chop shops, see more below.

  • Save money and create shelter quickly by utilizing existing properties and services.

  • Ensure efficacy of shelters with city funded staff and resources.

  • Utilize Portland Street Response to help coordinate and transport people to shelters.

  • Enforce camping restrictions once services and shelters are in place.

Open question: How are people not allowed to live on the street? How do we address the population that does not want to or is incapable of living in housing?

Secure Housing for People at Risk

We will implement a policy that proactively assists people at high risk of losing their housing.  At risk populations include the elderly, disabled, low income, and single parents with children.  The immediate impact would allow Portlanders to stay in their homes and free up future tax dollars to be utilized for improving the city at large.

  • City funded eviction protection program working directly with property management, building owners, and tax offices.

  • Support people at risk without requiring proof of termination to trigger support services.

  • Fund, build, and staff recovery and addiction treatment programs

  • Focus affordable housing programs on those most vulnerable to losing housing or income.

  • Decrease housing costs.


Clean and Safe Neighborhoods

We will implement policies that will focus resources on removing drugs, garbage, tents, and graffiti from our neighborhoods by funding clean up services and freeing up PPD to focus on crime rather than homelessness and mental illness.  Crime, including open drug use will not be tolerated.  Your family will not have to worry about simply being outside in your neighborhood.

  • Accountability for drug use and addiction. No more open drug use and paraphernalia in our streets.

  • Target drug dealers and suppliers rather than criminalizing the homeless.

  • Remove tents,RVs, or junked cars from next to schools, day cares, and parks.

  • Fully fund street cleaning, garbage removal, graffiti removal.

  • "My hands are tied" will not be the expected response you hear when interacting with a police officer
-Fully fund Portland Street Response to allow PPD to focus on crime not mental illness
-City provided public defenders to clear criminal case backlogs and ensure proper legal representation(link to MC facts and backlog.


Enjoy High Quality Transportation & Reduce Pollution

Portland resources will be directed at improving the usefulness, safety, and cleanliness of public transportation by pushing for increased coverage, upgrades, and increased maintenance.  Accomplishing these items will increase ridership, decrease traffic congestion, and reduce pollution.

  • Make sure riding is carefree, clean, and safe!

  • Fund Trimet to increase frequency and add FX lines

  • Expansion focused on MAX and Buses targeting population dense areas

  • Clean, update, and maintain interiors of transit

  • Invest in MAX Tunnels

  • Expand MAX line to St Johns, along NE Sandy, and into Vancouver

  • Include bike infrastructure projects in expansion plans

Run Your Small Business Stress-Free

We will reduce the cost, time, and energy it takes to start and operate small businesses by streamlining permitting, assisting with improvements, and taking action on crime that affects businesses on a daily basis.

  • Streamline permitting and help fund or drop suddenly ‘necessary’ improvements such as sidewalks, code updates etc.

  • Work with businesses towards compliance rather than penalizing them

  • Help fund window repair and graffiti removal for small and micro businesses

  • Enforce camping and loitering regulations by businesses to avoid customer loss


Responsible & Accountable Leadership

Portlanders can have peace of mind knowing that there will be sound management of tax dollars, transparent policy implementation, and push back against the status quo. Portanders deserve leaders who are forthright and refuse to shift blame when scrutinized.

  • Listen and respond to Portland residents first

  • Refuse to lie and shift blame

  • Focus budget spending on essential issues and trim programs with no results

  • Audit of the executive branch (Mayor's Office)
-Verify spending with NGOs and Nonprofits is helping Portlanders.

  • Pushback against the homeless industrial complex

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